Press Release of 11th PDWP held on 26th December, 2019


Dec 2019


 The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) held its meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. Shakeel Qadir Khan, the Additional Chief Secretary P&D Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 26th December, 2019. The meeting was attended by members of PDWP and concerned departments. The forum considered 26 projects pertaining to different sectors including Water, Health, Roads & Bridges, Drinking Water & Sanitation, Urban Development, Multi-sectoral Development, Relief & Rehabilitation, Transport, Science & Technology and Industries sectors for the uplift of the province. The forum approved 21 Projects with an estimated cost of
Rs. 5590.066 million. 1 project was cleared by PDWP and was recommended to Federal Government for consideration of CDWP/ECNEC. 4 projects were deferred and were returned to their respective departments for rectification.

Approved project of Water sector was:

  1. Construction and improvement of flood protection works Culverts,Drains and Roads in Union Council Baghi Irum, Kas Korona, Manga, Khazana Dehri, Chamtar, Mahoderi, Mohabat Abad, Bijlighar, Dagai, District Mardan.

Approved project of Health sector was:

  1. Purchase of Equipment/other requirements for Dental College/Dental Departments in Saidu Group of Teaching Hospital, Swat.

Approved projects of Roads & Bridges sector were:

  1. F/S, Design, BT and Extension for road from Sujal Kot to Thesi (8-Km), District Abbottabad.
  2. Provision for Liabilities of Land Compensation SH: Land Compensation of Approach Road from NCC Road to New Central Jail Mardan.
  3. Construction / Rehabilitation of BT road in Tehsil Karak, Takht-e-Nasrati and Banda Daud shah, Karak.
  4. /Rehab./BT of Roads at Ucs Kharkai, Dargai, Wartaro, Mehrdi, GU Khel, Heroshah, Koper, Badrega, SKT Khas, SKT Jadeed, STK Banda Jat, Kot, Sely pati Malakand.
  5. Construction of internal road in different UCs PK-18, Agra, Pirkhel,Totakan, Dheri Jolagram,Malakand Khass,Khar,Batkhela Upper, Batkela Lower,Batkhela Middle,Aladand,Dheri,Thana Bandjai,Thana Khass,Thana Jadeed & Palai District Malakand.
  6. Construction, Rehabilitation of internal roads of PK-30 District Mansehra.
  7. Construction of Black Topped Roads in Tribal District North Waziristan.
  8. Construction of 06 Kms BT Road and Rehabilitation of 5.5 Kms Road in Mehsud Closed Area.
  9. Farm to Market Roads District Khyber
  10. Construction of BT road from Mastak Bridge to Shadally via Methra in Tribal District Khyber.
  11. Construction of BT Road from Mesh Mela Mergeetkhel Area via Khawangai to Jarwando Kaly Sher Khel, Aka Khel in Khyber Agency.
  • Construction of BT road from Shaheed Manza to Ghalmi Aka Khel Mirget Khel (10 KM) in Bara Sub Division.
  1. Construction of BT Road from Said Hassan Attory to Mela via Zangai Kali.

Approved projects of Drinking Water & Sanitation sector were:

  1. Construction/ Rehabilitation of Water Supply and Sanitation Schemes in Tehsil Haripur & Khanpur, District Haripur.
  2. Water Supply Schemes in UCs Kehal, Central Urban, Malikpura, Nawansherhr, Shiekhul Bandi, Kakul, Mirpur, Banda Pir Khan and Cantt area of PK-39 Abbottabad.
  3. Strengthening and Capacity Building of PHE Department Merged Areas Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP).

Approved projects of Multi-sector Development sector were”

  1. Clearance of Contractors’ liabilities, Compensation / Arbitration Awards, Court decretal amounts and escalation in FATA. SH: Establishment of Eight Nos. CVDs in SWA amounting to Rs. 4.238.
  2. Construction of farm to market road in All Tribal Districts.
  3. Provision for Contractors Decretal accrued Liabilities, Land Compensation and Uncashed Cheques SH:- Pending decretal enhanced liabilities of case titled M/S Haji Muhammad Aslam and others V/S Collector Land Acquisition & Others.
  4. Provision for Contractors Decretal accrued Liabilities, Land Compensation and Uncashed Cheques SH:- F/S Design and Construction of Road from Nothia Stop to Kohat road and from Nothia Phattak to Swati Phattak, Peshawar ADP No. 140944.

Approved project of Relief & Rehabilitation sector was:

  1. Block Provision for Schemes to be funded from NDRMF on cost sharing basis (Local Share 30% Foreign Share 70%) (ADB Assisted).

Approved projects of Science & Technology sector were:

  1. Consultancy for Master Planning and Designing of Digital Complex & ST Directorate at Peshawar.

Approved project of Industries sector was:

  1. Establishment of SIE Peshawar-2 (Purchase of land).





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