Energy & Power

Brief Profile of Energy & Power

Head of the Section : Dr. Idrees Masood

Function and mandate of section/ TORs:

  • Liaison with concerned departments,  Scrutiny, appraisal, .monitoring & .evaluation of departmental schemes
  • Collection of relevant data in respect of Energy & Power sector.
  • Preparation of papers for quarterly & annual reviews
  • Comments on working papers for CDWP
  • Comments on summaries for ECNEC.
  • Views/comments on various issues regarding developmental schemes of the Energy & .Power sector
  • Holding Pre-PDWP meetings
  • Preparing working papers for PDWP

List of Officers:  

Chief of Section: Dr. Idrees Masood

Office Ph: 0919213748

Mobile No: 0300-5897356


Research Officer (Power):

Mr. Arbab Wajid





Computer Operator: Syed Habib Ullah

Mobile No: 0300-5850040


Junior Clerk: Israr Muhammad

Mobile No: 0343-7474725 E-mail:

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