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Additional Chief Secretary Message

Ensuring the success of its reform initiatives, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to institute a robust implementation mechanism, and has adopted a holistic ,comprehensive and systematic institutional structure and process to develop and implement the reform initiatives.

The present government has successfully sown the seeds for change. Not only has it succeeded in reaching out getting down to the grass-roots level, but it has also shown an improved financial performance as compared to the previous year. The departments have performed in a professional manner to attain the objectives set before them. Monitoring of the activities has added to the positive performance.

Planning & Development Department is responsible for holding Quarterly/Annual reviews to monitor the physical and financial progress of the schemes. Cultural heritage, in its various manifestations, has been the focus of the provincial government where it will successfully preserve the invaluable assets of the province. The Environment is yet another area which has been under the constant focus of the provincial government. The present government is trying its level best to organize media cell for dissemination of information, acting like a bridge between KP Government and stakeholders on the one hand and public on the other, to reflect the undertaken efforts of the provincial government. This website aims to provide an effective platform to keep all the concerned updated.

Secretary Planning and Development

Planning & Development Department has the mandate for providing policy input for the Provincial and Sectoral Development Policies. It appraises all development projects and adds value to the project proposals of all the departments. Formation of Provincial Annual Development Program is one of the key functions of P&D Department. Interaction with international partners is another eminent feature of P&D activities. Monitoring and evaluation of projects, interaction with Federal Level institutions and long term planning are all areas which the Department undertakes as part of its duties. Preparation of provincial statistics and planning for districts are also P&D mandate. The wide ranging reform initiatives of the present government are also overseen by the department. Over the years, the department has satisfactorily contributed in all these functions in line with its role.

Planning & Development department has continued undertaking strategic level planning over the last two years, including the development of Integrated Development Strategy (IDS), Strategic Development Partnership Framework (SDPF) and now a Provincial Growth Strategy. We continue to build on these strategies for the uplift of the province.

The establishment of the website is an effort to communicate with the people of the province and to provide information on development matters for all those interested in development. We value the relationship with our development partners. A reflection of our joint efforts will also be portrayed on this platform. It is an endeavor for transparency and outreach, on behalf of the department. We believe that the website will display our activities to the world.

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